Saturday, February 16, 2008

Music and drugs
You know, when you hear those words "music and drugs," you think of 70s hair bands doing way too much coke and/or acid and ending up on VH1 Where are they Now. You don't really think "reviewing KZSU's world music under the influence of percocet and valium."

Ever since my two trips to ER this month I've been hitting the painkillers on a regular basis. (Unfortunately, I'm running out so I have a feeling I'm gonna start hurting again real soon.)

Part of my role as World Music Director is to review the music we add to our library so that our DJs know what they're getting when they pick up an unknown CD. Fortunately for me I had built up a cushion by reviewing 6 CDs last week so that this week, when I was really out of it, I didn't have to worry about meeting this week's quota. I tried listening to music, I really did, but the drugs pretty much wiped out my critical ability. Everything sounded pretty. It was impossible for me to come up with anything insightful or even useful to say. That, combined with the fact that I couldn't seem to type, pretty much ruined my ability to do anything productive this week.

In other news, I had my first acupuncture appointment on Friday. It went well. Mostly a consultation, but I really liked the doctor and was encouraged by what he had to say about my condition. I'll keep you posted.

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