Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What's on my mind
Inspired by something I overheard, here's a list of the ten things on my mind at the moment. Some important....some silly.

1. The election. (Go Obama!)
2. My show tonight....I've been sick for the past two weeks so this is my first show in a while. Now I'm beginning to wonder what to play. New stuff? Raid the library? Bring stuff from home?
3. My health. Why did I zarf right after this morning's bowl of cereal when yesterday the same cereal sat just fine in my tummy?
4. My friends. How can I ever tell them how much I love them and how much they mean to me without sounding like a cheesy Hallmark card?
5. Saltines. The perfect food when one is nauseous.
6. The History Channel. What would I do without it?
7. Cipher, the world's most perfect cat, screw you if you don't agree (TM). How is it possible for her to sleep so deeply all night when I can't sleep at all? And why aren't I jealous?
8. Native American art. I really, really, really want a Native blanket.
9. What's next? Can I ever find a way to make a living saving the world?
10. Agatha Christie. Why are the BBC adaptations of her books so wonderfully cozy to accompany a sleepless night?

So, what's on your mind?


mamakatt said...

So it's okay to take percoset and valium together? i have degenerative disc disease and while helping The Hubby put up a wall in our new duplex, I threw it out again.I don't have insurance thogh, so i got a TENS unit and some 'scrips.
No insurance is the worst.My good friend Nic is i the hospital with liver failure,in and out of consciencness,at the top of the transplant list...but he has no insurance.They gave him emergency medicaid to cover hospital costs, but it won't pay for transplants for people over the age of 21!! His family has cashed in on as many mortgages as possible and can only come up with $150,000. Medicaid will pay for the flight down to omaha and the anti-rejection drugs for afterwards, but they're still short $25,000.The doc's say they have untill morning.Ca you believe our medical system will let a previously healthy 26 year old man(stil a boy in my mind)die because of money? In my niavity(sp) i thought hospitals always treated you and got the money later. Like in payments or something. The system is broken.If Obama can fix it ,he's got my vote.

mamakatt said...

I have degenerative disc disease. I feel your pain. For years i had problems with food and nausea.I pretty much self medicated with herb untill the nausea stopped.I think it was childhood trauma all stuffed down in there,needing to come out.But,right now i'm having another episode with the back. The doc gave me a scrip for 10mg percoset and 5mg valium.Are those really okay together? Is that what you take? Aren't you're hospital bills crazy? Or do you hyave insurance?
One of my very good friends is in the hospital with complete liver failure, and they won't do a transplant without insurance or 300,000 dollars.He'll die soon without it.I think his family has cashed in all their mortgages and are still short 25,000.(sorry about the tangent...just worried about my Nic.That's why i can't sleep, and am up writing near to midnight).Know anyone with 25 grand hangin round?