Friday, March 28, 2008

Muscles like rocks
If I were a bodybuilder, that comment would be a compliment. But I'm just a wuss with a bad back and that comment is a diagnosis.

Today I had my first session with the physical therapist my acupuncturist recommended. I am hopeful. He's a very nice guy who knows a lot about the ills and pains of an over-stressed body. Everything he said sounded like me. Long-term pain. Muscles so tight you could use them to bang in a nail. Stress that never goes away -- even when there's no reason to be stressed.

I had a 90-minute session where we went over my history and he poked around and found all my sore bits. By the time I left I felt more even (frequently one side feels much tighter than the other) and optimistic about his ability to help. I have another long session scheduled next week.

He has a very common-sense approach to treating this kind of pain. Some hands-on therapy from him, then lessons on how to treat myself at home. Some basic exercises and "homework" on the right way to move, sit, stand, etc., so that I don't keep making the same mistakes over and over again. I feel really good about this and hope I'm not doomed to disappointment again.

In other news one of my favorite people whose blog I read daily has decided to take a blogging break. Completely understandable with a busy life, two gorgeous children, and a sweet and handsome husband. Not to mention her own interests and responsibilities. I will miss her posts. It's amazing how much we rely on technology to stay up to date with our friends and family. I myself, through this blog, keep my loved ones apprised of what's going on in my world. It's faster than sending out a dozen e-mails every time I end up in the hospital, and it gives me an outlet to just rant when I want. Luckily I will still see her on a regular basis, thanks to our book club, but the daily visits into her life were small gifts in my day that I shall miss.

Oh, and now that we've made reservations for our Grand Tour, I find myself lusting after new luggage. It's the funniest thing. I'm looking online and drooling over super-cool suitcases. Well, I do need 14-days worth of clothes. Wash-and-wear will be my friend since I insist on traveling light.

Have a lovely weekend, dearies. Sunday is Husband's birthday. We're having dinner and going to a concert at the new San Francisco Yoshi's but the day is free. If it's not raining, we may walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, which he's never done and has always wanted to. In case of rain, who knows? The Asian Art Museum, perhaps?

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