Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yummy at Yoshi's
Today was Husband's birthday. We had a relaxing, lazy day and then went to the beautiful new Yoshi's in San Francisco for dinner and a concert by the amazing Dr. Lonnie Smith.

The food was, to coin a phrase, to die for. Yes, a bit pricey but oh my god! First off, adorable waiter (where's Russell when you need him?) then wildly tasty treats. To start, Husband had a fire roasted salad...sounds odd, tasted great. I had shrimp tempura that was soooo good. Then we split a plate of shashimi. The poor things were swimming off the coast of Japan just 24 hours ago. They fly it in and let me say that these fish died for a good cause. The literal definition of "melt in your mouth." Exceptional. For the main course I had rosemary chicken, Husband had Japanese beef that he called "meat candy." I tried a bite and had to agree; it was glorious. We washed it all down with a crisp and fresh Pinot Grigio. Husband even had room for dessert. It was cocoanut mango soup with home-made poprocks. No, I'm not kidding. And trust me, it was great.

The music was equally so. Dr. Lonnie Smith is the hippest, coolest guy. He plays the organ like nobody's business. OK, it's actually his business and he seems to be doing what he's meant to do. His band was young and wonderful. A disappointingly small crowd for a Sunday night, but the music was hot and fun.

All in all, a wonderful date with my wonderful Husband.

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mama d said...

happy birthday, Husband!