Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anybody got a light?
You gotta love this study that links pot smoking to heart attacks and strokes. The great part is this: it's linked to people who smoke between 78 to 350 joints a week!

Who smokes 350 joints a week? Who are these people? How can they afford it? How do they have the time and energy to take part in a study if all they do is chain smoke pot?

I'm a supporter of medical marijuana (it was crucial to increasing the appetite and stopping the nausea of my dear friend, Steve, when he was fighting AIDS), so ridiculous studies like this just piss me off. Should we be surprised that smoking 50 joints a day has an adverse effect on your health? 50 anything in a day would have an effect. Why don't they do a study of people who smoke 1 joint a day?

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Fo said...

Ah, yes, but those are *SELF-REPORTED* numbers. So Joe Stoner smokes a couple of joints, then fills out the survey...

"How many in a day? A whole DAY?! Duuuude, that's like, a long time, uhhhh... I dunno, uhhhh... fifty? Wait, did you say a day or a month? Anybody got a light?"