Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well color me incredibly, incredibly dull!
Range Rover ads are an abomination unto the Lord. But I just saw one that completely crosses the line into absolute ridiculous. Two face-lifted spoiled yuppy types (mother and daughter). And daughter says "I expressed my individuality by ordering a white-on-white Range Rover."

That's individuality? White? Isn't white the absence of individuality? It's a fucking white fucking Range Rover -- a car that nobody who doesn't live in Kenya needs. And here are these wacky "individuals" driving around Atherton in their white-on-white yuppy tank. You want individuality bitch? Go purple. Or polka dots. Or, even better, buy a hybrid. But don't smirk at your gazillion dollar white-on-white car and claim to be an individual.



Fo said...

I'm going to express my individuality by wearing a polo shirt. Or maybe a golf shirt. Hey Mom, what expresses my individuality better, a polo shirt or a golf shirt?

mama d said...

You're not, by chance, judging a book by its cover ... are you? 'Cause I drive a minivan. Yes. It's tan. Yes. I'm a tan minivan driving mama of 2.7 (or so) kids living in a 'burbs house with a lawn that we chose b/c of the school two blocks away.

I just happen to express my individuality in ways that aren't as visible as my car, my kids, and my home.