Friday, December 26, 2008

Cat of the Week: Motley
Meet Motley, a sweet, loving 7-year old domestic short hair with a gorgeous "plaid" coat. She's a born lap-sitter. When I went into the condo that Motley shares with 4 other cats one of the others claimed half my lap, and Motley took the other half. She purred non-stop (until she fell asleep) and she's a face-licker. (And hand, chin, ear, and anything else she can get her tongue on.)

Motley is amazingly mellow, loving, affectionate and gentle. The only time she showed any bad-temper is when I had to physically lift her off my lap and she complained, vociferously. She curled up with the other cat and the two of them molded themselves into my arms. And they fell asleep. Talk about melting my heart.

If your lap needs some warming, please stop by the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA and meet Motley (her ID # is: A209641). She'll melt your heart too.

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