Friday, December 19, 2008

Cat of the week: Mr. Peabody
Meet Mr. Peabody, he's black and he's proud! Mr. P is all about the love. I opened his cage and he was instantly in my face with a "hi, hi, pet me, hi, hello, hi" greeting that was completely endearing. He's 9-years old and extremely gentle, sweet, and affectionate. All the get acquainted rooms were busy so he and I hung out at his cage, playing with pipe cleaners and butting heads.

This cat has that spark of something extra. Charm. Savoir faire. Whatever you want to call it. And yet he manages to be both mellow and memorable.

It's a sad fact that black cats are often overlooked because many people are superstitious about them. Personally, I think anybody who adopted Mr. Peabody would be in for some great luck.

You can find out more at the Peninsula Humane Society website. Mr. Peabody's reference number is A435841.

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