Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No, I'm not ignoring you
Just haven't had much to say. Plus I was on the radio for 5 hours today, 3 hours yesterday.

Actually, in spite of the fact that I did a totally kick-ass show today, I've kinda got the blues. Today would have been my beloved best friend/brother Steve's 45th birthday. Only he's not around for the whole cake and presents thing because stupid ol' AIDS done him in. (Sorry, black humor is my personal savior.)

I tend to get sad on his birthday. My birthday is next week and he and I would always get together between our days and celebrate together. This typically involved lunch at the Patio Cafe on Castro Street (where I would pay because Steve would never have his wallet). I miss our lunches. I miss getting catty over the camp waiters, going window shopping for things we couldn't afford, and then splitting something gooey for dessert. Basically, I just miss him. Stupid AIDS.

It looks like I'll be taking over the airwaves again on Friday morning, filling in for Husband from 6-9 am. Then next week I'm off until the big KZSU blues marathon on the 27th. (If you've never heard me play the blues, tune in....I do a seriously fucking great blues show.)

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