Sunday, January 25, 2009

Famous pants
Companies have really gotten out of hand when it comes to naming things. I recently saw an ad on TV for air fresheners that have a scent called "Brazilian Carnivale." Which makes me think it smells like sweat and vomit.

Clothing lines, too, have gotten even weirder. Green is now "moss" "elm" or "Irish mist." Thanks. And blue can be everything from "soft ocean" to "spring sky." "Gee, Bob, you should wear spring sky more often. It really brings out the red in your eyes."

But I had to laugh when I was in Macy's Men's Store with Husband today and he pointed out these pants. If you know Husband, you'll know why they are so funny.

The Dylan? The Bryant? "Honey, have you seen my Bryants? I want to wear them with my butternut blush shirt."

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