Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo of the day: Archeology

They're constructing a new building on Memorial Way near KZSU. There are two consequences of this. The first is that there is NEVER anywhere to park now because it was already tight and they got rid of about 30 spaces near the station. The second is that the work as disturbed the landscape (OK, the overgrown ivy) along the way. As I was walking to the station to do my show last night, I spotted this bottle emerging from the dirt.

Patent medicine? Some opium-filled concoction consumed by the class of 1932? Nothing so glamorous, alas. It was one of those apple-shaped apple juice bottles from approximately 2002 AD. But it certainly looks like it had the potential to be something dramatic, doesn't it? I'm sorry I pulled it out. I should have lived with the mystery.

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Fo said...

At least we know those apple juice bottles will age well. Very nice.