Friday, February 27, 2009

Cat of the week: Dharma

She's called Dharma but, with apologies to Keruoac, she's not a bum. She's a sweet little brown tabby with a shy and gentle nature. When a big dog came into the other room she got scared and started shaking, so she'll need to be in a dog-free home. But she loves people and spent almost the entire time curled up in my lap, purring, and trying to eat my sweatshirt. She's such a lovebug that I found her utterly charming. I didn't want to put her back and, in fact, stopped by to visit again on my way out. When I walked up the second time she immediately came to the front of the cage, put her paw out to bat at me, and meowed in this completely endearing "hello again, take me out" way. What a sweetie!

Dharma's magic number is A443723 and you can find out more at the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA website.

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