Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No, it's not all right!!!
There are two rooms full of cats at the shelter. One with individual kennels. One with kennels and with three small, closet-sized rooms with glass doors. We call them "condos." These condos usually have 4 or 5 cats in them. The doors are kept closed, obviously, and there are signs plastered over them saying "do not open." Along with all the other signs that ask the customers to please not touch the cats.

So I walk into the room and some galacticly stupid woman and her spawn of Satan have not only opened the door to the condo, but child spawn is sitting in the condo petting one of the cats. The other 4 cats are now roaming free around the room. I walk in and look at her with a combination of "you've got to be fucking kidding me" and "there are cats everywhere." And stupid woman looks at me and says "this is all right, isn't it?"

Not it's not fucking all right. There are cats running free around the room. (Thank goodness the door to the room was shut otherwise there'd be cats running all over the shelter.) So I tell her as politely as I can that, no, it's not all right. And to please not touch the cats. So she gives me a dumb, glazed smile and apologizes vaguely....and leaves the room. And now I've got to corral a group of loose cats and get them back where they belong.

To make it worse, when I came into the room I was carrying a cat I had just finished TLCing. Said kitty freaked out at all the other cats wandering around and jumped down. Now I have two groups of cats cross-contaminating and two can't-tell-them-apart pure black cats, one going into one condo and the other to a different condo.

Seriously, how stupid could this woman be? No it's not fucking all right!!! How tiny and useless does your brain have to be to think there's anything OK about letting cats loose? I mean even if we didn't have bloody signs bloody everywhere, does it make any sense that we'd be all "sure, whatever" about giving our animals free roam of the entire building?

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