Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo of the day: Spiderweb and Goo

I like spiderwebs. Odd, as I'm not real fond of spiders. (Sorry, PETA, I kill bugs.) But I love how intricate webs can be. I think they're really quite beautiful in a way. This one....not so much. It's done its job too well and has trapped every bit of spew and goo that's come its way. Bits of plant life. Bits of....well, just bits. But it's still one of those marvels of nature. Like, say, Hugh Jackman.

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Fo said...

There is a spider living on the back of my car, in the recess where the rear license plate sits. Quite an industrious little fellow: every morning there is a perfect little web stretched out across there, which gets damaged as soon as I open the trunk. I don't imagine he's catching much food, but at least he's seeing the world.