Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Parade Continues
The neighborhood cats continue to confound and congregate in our yard. We recently discovered that the one brown tabby we kept seeing was actually two brown tabbies. I have just discovered that they are, in fact, three brown tabbies. I tried to take a photo of the three of them, but our own little brown tabby got in the way.

I have also found that the black cat is two black cats. That makes:
3 brown tabbies
2 black cats
2 orange cats
1 gray cat
2 calico cats
2 black and white cats
1 siamese-y looking cat

That regularly hang out in our yard. Apparently our yard smells like free tuna.


Melvin said...

You've got a colony forming! Haha. Beware before they take over and kick you out.
Your tabby is soooo cute!

curegirl0421 said...

Well ya know if you're going to have a colony, better cats than ants huh? At least they're cute. :)