Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Snow White and the 7 Cats
There are currently seven cats in our backyard. I tried to photograph all of them but two are in the shade and I just couldn't get a good shot. But I did catch five of them, including all three brown tabbies.

Two brown tabbies and the Siamese-y one.

One of the orange tabbies and the third brown tabby.


Melvin said...

Yup. You definitely have yourself a colony! Haha.
I bet there are more than you think.

Decca said...

I think there are definitely more than we think. It's only recently we've discovered several lookalike cats confused us. We now know there are three, not one, brown tabbies. And today I saw yet another new one, a small black and white guy with four socks and a splotch on his chest. We must be the cat house.