Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I Believed When I Was a Kid...
- I thought the word "signed" was actually written on all those notes and letters people read in movies. "See you in two weeks. Signed, John."

- I thought alligator was pronounced "all-a-ga-tor-ay." Must have thought they were Italian.

- I thought there was one really, really long street in California called "Frontage Road."

- I thought that stars hummed and the really twinkly ones were humming the loudest.

- I had a hard time with the concept of the past and aging. So I'd see a handsome photo of Robert Taylor from the 40's and think he was gorgeous had to do be convinced that at that point he was either dead or 80.

- I didn't hear whatever good stuff my parents said about me but I heard loud and clear all the bad.

-I couldn't handle the "L part of my fist name and said my name was"wisa" My siblings would correct me "no it's LLLL-isa! So then I'd say "ULLLLL Weesa" I still get teased about this.

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