Friday, August 28, 2009

Updates from the Shelter
It's been another busy week in the world of cat caretaking. 29 kittens in the nursery. Countless cats in the adoption area. I worked with many new faces this week, plus some old favorites. It's weirdly hot and humid today, so many of the cats were grumpy....especially the ones outside. I worked with two red cats today and had my most successful session ever with one of the guys who gives me trouble.

"Joe" tends to get hissy, swatty, and bitey and I haven't been able to figure out his triggers. Today I was extra watchful of his body language and noticed this tiny ear twitch that he gives before he turns. Because of that I was able to stop petting him before he got over stimulated. Everything was fine until I picked him up to bring him back and he became hissing, yowling cat from hell. Luckily one of the other volunteers was nearby so she opened doors for me, which made the return much easier.

One of the other red cats is a shy girl. Having learned my lesson from "Joe" I put her carrier down right in front of her cage. To my surprise, she jumped right in when I opened the door. Nice trick. Once in the socializing room she explored a bit, would come by for a pet and then wander away once more. After about 10 minutes of this she curled up in my lap and began to purr like a Ferrari. I think she eventually dozed off, having curled herself into a perfect ball. I had her out for 30 minutes because I just couldn't bring myself to disturb her. Once I did move again she jumped down and, to my surprise, hopped into her box again. She's so sweet and such a lovely girl.

Words cannot express how much I love volunteering there. And days like this, when your patience is rewarded with a shy girl making herself welcome in your lap, are the kind of days when this is the best paying job in the world.

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