Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am outrageously happy that football season has started. Don't get me wrong, I'm still tuning in to watch my Giants play baseball. But there's something about football that, to me, signals the arrival of fall and the beginning on Sundays where I never want to leave to sofa. Typically there's only one game that I really care about; OK, sometimes two. As a native of the SF Bay area I naturally follow the Niners. As a native Philadelphian, Husband favors the Eagles. I've become an Eagles fan too (no offense, Niners, but the Eagles have been more fun and far less frustrating to watch the past few seasons). But this year we're boycotting the Eagles and not watching a single game because they stupidly went and signed noted prick and convicted dog hater, Michael Vick. We refuse to support any organization that hires him, so no Eagles for us this year. Which is sad, as I absolutely love Donovan McNabb.

But from the 10 am game, to the 1 pm game to Sunday Night Football (still have a hard time with it not being on Monday. Yes, there's a Monday game but it's not the same without Al and .... oh wait, he's retired. OK, Al and Kris.) I could easily sit there and not move except to get up to pee or get something to eat. And the thing is I'm not all that interested in most of the teams. I just the ritual of it all. Even if it's just on in the background as I'm doing something else, there's something surprisingly comforting about the familiarity of it all. The cheering. The bad beer ads. The truck commercials. The hilarious close up of the vapid cheerleaders and trying to figure out who has the skankiest of them all. (Here's a hint, I call the Eagles cheerleaders "the Ho-Hos."

But whether I'm actively engaged, swearing at the screen and making a general ass of myself (because they can't hear me and they're all dopes because they haven't had a passing game all day and yet they keep trying to connect). Or if I'm barely paying attention and focusing on making catnip socks or reading the Sunday paper, it's still a fall ritual that I love.

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FinnyKnits said...

I absolutely 100% agree. The ritualism, the comfort, the nod to fall and the boycotting of the Eagles for that reason.

I thought of you two when the Eagles (or as Bubba calls them, the She-agles) announced that and wondered if you'd still watch while we boycotted.

Nope. We'll all watch a useless Texans game instead.