Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I've had flu for going on a year now. Well, three weeks, anyway. Yes, I went to the doctor. No, it's not swine flu. I've had two round of antibiotics and I'm heartily sick of being sick.

The most annoying thing about this particularly hearty dose of flu is that it has rendered me completely inert. I don't want to do anything but sleep. I've missed cat duty. I've stopped photo of the day. I'm so behind on music reviewing that my stack of CDs to be screened is taller than I.

I feel slightly better today and am determined to go back to cat regular cat duty because I miss the litter critters so much.

But there's been one good thing about being sick. It's made me all gooshy about my friends.

I can't really explain it -- maybe it's because I've had a lot of time to think lately -- but I can't believe how lucky I am when it comes to my friends. The Lurker, the Foreigner, Mama D, Susan, the Belle of Belfast City, Finny (I hope I'm not leaving anyone out -- my brain is still not working well) anyway, they are the most amazing women. Each and every one is brilliant, funny, generous, kind, caring, creative, wicked, sexy, and inspiring.

Thank you, friends, for being part of my life. I love you.


FinnyKnits said...

We all love you, too, Decca (of course, y'all can speak up if I'm sharing misplaced love on your behalfs) and wish you'd be well sooner rather than later because HELLO you've had your fair share of being sick and I think you're done.

Done being sick forever.

So just stoppit.


鋼鐵人帥哥 said...