Friday, December 04, 2009

News of the Random
For some reason, this story just made me shake my head. This jerk showed up at a British Remembrance Day parade with a huge and impossible chest full of medals. Experts have looked at the medals, but it doesn't take anything more than eyes to tell this guy is a fake.

I just don't get people who pretend to be military heroes, and there are a lot of such folks out there. But this guy takes the cake. I mean if you wanted to march in the parade and make people thing you were an actual veteran, wouldn't it have made more sense to try and actually carry it off? Pick one or two medals that make sense and blend in. Don't put on so many medals that everyone who sees you is bound to think "this lunatic is an impostor." Did he actually think nobody would question him?


Kittie Howard said...

My husband, a retired Marine (who now works in the civilian sector) recently hit the ceiling over the same medal issus...this guy dressed as a two-star general with the Medal of Honor...! And two others got caught...these imposters frost me (and my husband).

Decca said...

I completely agree Kittie. You have to be a special kind of jerk to impersonate a veteran.