Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Over Dramatic World of LMN
Do you get The Lifetime Movie Network? We do. I've never watched it. But it shows up in our schedule listing and I always read the titles? Why? Because they're hilarious. Because you can tell by reading them that you don't want to see them. And because they all sound exactly alike. Let's see. Child abduction. Addiction. Double-lives. Cheating. You know, your average Wednesday. When taken en masse the effect is absolutely hilarious. Here's a sample of just the next few days:

Live Once, Die Twice
No Brother of Mine
A Face to Die For
My Nanny's Secret
Shattered Hearts
Doing Time on Maple Drive
Baby for Sale
A Kidnapping in the Family
Little Girl Lost
Gone in a Heartbeat
When He Didn't Come Home
Point Last Seen
The Man Next Door
My Husband's Secret
A Daughter's Conviction
Sins of the Mother
Where Are My Children?
Prison of Secrets
Abducted: A Father's Love

Honestly, can't you predict the plot of every film just by the title? And don't they just make you want to reach for the "off" button? For some reason, I find this so funny. I think my favorite is When He Didn't Come, intense human drama.

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Duke said...

Lifetime is a horrible channel for sure, only matched by the awesome terribleness of the Hallmark Channel.