Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lazy on a Saturday

When Husband is out of town I lose all desire to leave the house. Not out of misery at being a bachelor girl for the weekend. I do get to spend time alone here during the week. But there's something special about having a weekend alone. Don't get me wrong, I miss him big time. (But I'm loving his coverage of the Monterey Jazz Festival. Check it out at Jazz Observer.)

I'm watching movies he would have no desire to see. Taking lot, hot baths. Eating junk food. Having a great time. Sure I can do all this while he's here, but there's an illicit pleasure in doing it while he's gone. Like I'm doing something wrong.

Cipher (The World's Most Amazing Cat, Screw You if You Don't Agree tm) misses him more than me. When Husband is gone she follows me around like "I let one of you out of my sight, I'm not letting the other one leave." She's currently sleeping on his side of the bed. And last night, at her usual play time, she brought me her favorite toy. It's a stick with little crinkly bits on it. The problem is she only wants to play with Husband. Apparently I don't do it right. I did my best, but she gave me a pityingly patient look that said "you loser" and would not bite. Then she did the cat equivalent of looking at her watch to figure out when Husband was going to be home. I find it amusing that I spend most of my week playing with cats who can't get enough of my attention yet my own cat refuses to play with me.

So while Husband is gone Cipher will have to put up with a second-rate player. And I'm indulging in an orgy of the British show Top Gear. I'm going to have popcorn for dinner. Cipher will have tuna (her favorite). And Husband will have a full day and night of amazing music.


Duke said...

Top Gear is my favorite TV show. It's so stupid you have to love it.

Poor cipher misses her buddy. Molly is similar when I leave. The wife is ok but not the same. She's good enough to mooch but molly needs me for security.

I'm not a huge fan of junk food but what I like I'll eat till I explode. I love chips and dip and certain sweet things. I just can't have them around or I'll never stop eating them.

So load up and enjoy your weekend!

Decca said...

I love Top Gear. Sometimes I think those guys are the funniest men on TV. Plus I have a running joke with my friends that I am The Stig.

Cipher (like Molly, apparently) is very much a daddy's girl. We have very definite roles in her life. I am the food source. He is comfort and play.

As a California girl, I love avocados. Husband hates them. I've made a batch of guacamole and am nibbling on chips and guacamole. I was going to wait and save that for football Sunday but they were calling me.

Plus I have a pint of my favorite Ben & Jerry's in the freezer. Life is good!