Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stupid f$#&@^g design
After 30+ hours I finally got some sleep (thank you Ambien)!.

Now, here's my crankypants rant for the day.

How hard is it to design a clock radio? My old faithful one died, mostly due to a certain cat (who shall remain nameless) knocking it off the nightstand in a repeated attempt to get fed at 3 am.

So I bought a new one. All I wanted was a clock radio. You chose a station, you set the time, the alarm goes on and off.

Well this one does all that. But it does it badly.

My biggest complaint is that the alarm on/off button is directly behind the volume knob. What idiot puts the most used feature on a product directly behind the least used feature? How often do you change the volume of your clock radio? How often do you turn it on and off? Plus the volume is controlled my a wheel so unless you reach around it, you're liable to turn the volume up to mach 2 in your sleepy stupor. And if you aren't careful while turning the alarm on at night, you might accidentally hit the wheel and turn the volume down to nothing so that you don't wake up.

Don't people think any more? This seems to be to be completely illogical. It's just annoying enough that, after about a month, I'm on the lookout for a new clock radio.

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