Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cipher vs. Smith - Round 2
Is this the cat my mom was talking about? The scaredy cat that hid all the time? Cause she's nothing like that. Smith is curious (she's sniffed the entire house), active (she jumped up on the kitchen sink), and actually quite aggressive (taking the hissing initiative at poor Cipher).

Husband and I are nervous wrecks. They met. (The cats, not us.) And circled each other like prizefighters for two hours. Cipher stalked her so low to the ground she wouldn't have cleared a speed bump. Smith staked out every room in the house, hid under the sofa, crawled under the bed, tried to pee in Cipher's box, and generally raised hell.

There was hissing. There was growling. There were noises usually associated with Linda Blair's head turning around.

And through it all, we were freaking out. We've never seen Cipher like this. Our sweet, playful, loving kitty became sullen, nervous, and angry.

We know it's natural. We've heard from the experts (Husband's folks who have 5 cats -- my ex who has 4) about integrating kitties and how it takes time and patience. We're just not sure we're brave enough.

Smith is a really sweet cat, and we'd hate to have to bring her back to the shelter. The poor thing must be so stressed and mother only adopted her a month ago, then she's here, and next....? But it's so hard to be strong in the face of our Cipher being upset, our not being sure we want another cat, and Smith causing havoc in the house.

God do I need a nap.


mama d said...

You have just described, in vivid detail, the first few months The Blonde was home and The Boy was beyond perturbed.

FinnyKnits said...

Much like when we got Jada (yes, I realize I'm using a Dog and Cat example for a Cat and Cat scenario, but stay with me...) and Rocket spent a week hiding behind our bed while Jada barked at her.

I was all, "What if Rocket never comes out? What if I've just ruined her nice peaceful Kitty Kat life and she will now be forever tortured by the dog? What if I'm the worst cat mom ever?"

And then one day she came out, swatted Jada on the nose and reclaimed her throne. Ever since, peace has ensued.

Patience, my friend. I bet it will be AOK.