Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Temple of Aqua
Today's trek took us to our two favorite used record stores where we went bankrupt. But at least we had some lovely (blessedly free) scenery along the way.

The Pulgas Water Temple, o the peninsula, is a hidden treasure. There's nothing there but this small structure, a pool, and lots of lawn. But it's a beautiful place and quite peaceful.

Tomorrow we try the Academy of Sciences again. And we might (might) pick up the new cat.

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FinnyKnits said...


Enjoy CAS - it's worth the wait to get in. And the lines for the rainforest exhibit.

And, FOR THE LOVE, don't dally when you get inside - go right over the Planetarium and get your show passes (it's a card you hold until your show time).

I've already been twice. IT'S AWESOME.

Say hi to my octopus. We named her Nelly, my mom and I.