Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Radio Goo-Goo
Next week KZSU starts its interim schedule. This is the time between academic quarters when we toss out the regular schedule and it's all sort of up in the air. People leave. Other people take extra slots. Some do several shows a week. Some DJs break out of their usual genre and do completely different types of shows.

I'm one of those DJs.

Next week I'll be doing my regular Tuesday night world music show At the Cafe Bohemian from 6-8 pm. But on Wednesday (December 10) from 2-6 I'll be doing a show I'm calling Bathysphere Blues. It'll be blues so down deep that you'll get the bends if you come up too soon. The following week I am not doing my Tuesday night show, but from 2-5 on Wednesday the 17th I'm hosting Cipher's Crop Circle which will be a mash-up of soul, R&B, blues, jazz, and world. (Heavy on the Motown.)

Tune in, lovies.

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