Monday, April 06, 2009

The Cat House
I have written often about the neighborhood cats. Our yard is the flop house of choice. When you consider our half-price drinks during Happy Hour and all-you-cat-eat kippers buffet, I guess it's not a surprise. But I thought you might like to see some of the regulars so you know who I'm talking about.

First off we have Stripeycat:

He looks like a bigger, tougher version of Cipher (the World's Most Amazing Cat, Screw You if You Don't Agree tm). Stripeycat likes to monitor the fence. I guess he's part Marine. He's also been known to hang out in front of our house. He's a big of a longer, though has been known to pal around with a big white guy that I can't seem to photograph.

Our next contestant is Pigpen:

We call her that because she's a long hair kitty that always looks disheveled because she's a stray. She spends entire days in the side of our yard. She's there from about 10 am until the sun goes down. Unlike the other kitties, she doesn't hang in the back yard, always the side. It's odd, because it's not a very sheltered area, and you can see her coat blowing in the breeze, but she seems quite comfy curled up on the concrete looking like she desperately needs a good combing.

Mamacat is one of the breeders:

She's had at least two litters. There was another cat who looked just like much so that we can't be sure if there was one cat or two that looked like this, but we think this is Mamacat, version 2.0. And, if our kitty luck holds, Mamacat will have litter number three who will probably look a lot like their father...


Aside from getting caught in the act with Mamacat, I have never seen this cat when he wasn't asleep. OK, I saw him hop over the fence once, but most of the time this is how you'll see him....lying in a puddle by the fence. I'm just hoping that when I saw he and Mamacat doing the nasty yesterday I was fast enough to render the whole thing inconceivable.

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Fo said...

Actually, Mamacat (or her doppelganger, I'm still not sure which) is the smallish brown-black one with the fluffy tail. But it does sound like the big calico is poised to take over the title in about 2 months...