Sunday, April 05, 2009

What is the cosmic rule about coincidences? There's the odd thing where, for example, you think about a song you haven't heard in years. Then you get into the car and it's playing on the radio. Or you get a craving for Chinese food and your significant other calls to say "I have a craving for Chinese food, let's get take out tonight."

Right now it's the name Pandora. Yesterday I heard the phrase "Pandora's box" which I haven't heard for ages. Then today I pick up a book and one of the characters is named Pandora. And a few minutes ago I was on Facebook and a friend mentioned the name Pandora as an artist whose music he was enjoying.

Things like that happen quite often. You'll go for years without thinking about some obscure actor like Edward Everett Horton and suddenly he's in three movies on TV on the same day. You'll wonder when X will come out with a new CD and it shows up in your mailbox. Your old friend Y (who moved to Ohio 15 years ago and disappeared from your radar) will pop into both your mind and your inbox on the same afternoon.

The thing is, you can't force it. You can send cosmic brainwaves into the universe that hope your sweetie will spontaneously pick up a pizza on his way home from work and he either shows up without dinner or with burritos. You'll wish the classic movie station will play The Big Sleep because you're in the mood to see it and turn on the TV to find they're airing a tribute to Paul Muni. You'll keep your fingers crossed that when it's your friend's turn to pick the place for lunch she'll vote for sushi and find yourself eating pasta.

There's just no rigging things your way when it comes to coincidences. I guess if you force it it's not a coincidence, it's a choice. Or an action. Sure if I want pizza I can call Husband and say "please pick up a pizza on the way home," but it's not the same, is it? It's really only magical when the universe reads your mind and gives you what you want.

I hope the universe is tuned into you this week.

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FinnyKnits said...

I love it when that happens! Seems like I'm the boss of the world at those moments. I think it, and so it is!

But really, Bubba always says that I program the music for wherever we end up because inevitably we'll sit down for dinner somewhere and Billie Holiday will come on. And, while she's *my* favorite, I don't necessarily consider her part of mainstream music.

Maybe I'm wrong.