Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Me and My Tasty Hair
Cipher (the World's Most Amazing Cat, Screw You if You Don't Agree tm) has this thing about licking my hair. The thing is, she likes it. No, she loves it. At least once a night she'll curl up on my pillow and go to town like I'm an ice cream cone and she's Kirstie Alley. And once she starts in, she won't be persuaded to stop. Nothing. NOTHING will distract her. If I put a blanket over my head, she pulls at it (or, actually, at my head, which hurts muchly) until she gets access again. If I put my hand between the uber scratchy tongue and my hair she'll just make an end run in a move the Niners haven't seen in far too long.

Now here's the odd part....some of the cats at the shelter lick my hair too. Just today two of them went for me. One jumped up on a chair while I was sitting on the floor, said "yay, dessert!" (but only in cat-speak) and went forth with some serious tongue action. Another kitty gained access while I was carrying him. He had his head up by my shoulder and took the opportunity to indulge in an afternoon snack.

So is my hair tuna-scented or what? I just use normal regular shampoo. Nothing with fish oil. Nothing with a chicken-and-rice base. I don't condition with kibble. And yet cats the world over apparently consider me a delicacy. I am on menus in Thailand. You can order me on a stick in several Eastern European countries. In Africa I am reserved for visiting dignitaries and heads of state that don't taste nearly as well as I.

I know. you're so jealous. Ha, ha....I taste good and you don't.

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Fo said...

I think this calls for scientific study.