Thursday, May 07, 2009

Something Sounds Different
Because Husband is having Week From Hell at work, I'm going to be covering his show tomorrow morning on KZSU. 6-9 am. That's the bad part. Yes, I am usually awake at 4:30, but it usually involves jammies, feeding the cat, and hoping to fall back to sleep for at least another hour. I'm not usually getting dressed, pretending to be coherent, and heading out to be on the radio. But I digress...

Tomorrow's show I'm calling The Rent Party and it's a departure from my regular show, At the Cafe Bohemian. When I do my show I play almost exclusively world music. I might throw in a jazz track here or there, but it's 99.9% pure world. Pretty much united by my inability to pronounce any of the artists or tracks correctly.

But when I take Husband's slot I get to branch out into artists whose names are in English. And I gotta tell you, it's kinda cool. Oh, not the English part, though that doesn't hurt. No, I like the not playing what I'm used to. Even though KZSU doesn't tie you to one style of music and you can play whatever the fuck you want, when you have a show in a particular genre you tend to stay close to home. But every so often you get to play in the mudpies. The Blues Marathon, for example, gives me a chance to kick some serious Delta ass. And tomorrow it's anybody's guess what I'll get up to. I've done The Rent Party before and it frequently involves jazz and blues, some classic Motown, some world, and pretty much anything that fits my mood. It's only very slightly mostly insane. I always make my shows up as a I go along with no previous planning and, in this case, I play artists with whom I might not be very familiar. So there's always a bit of "how long will it take before I seriously screw up" going on. But that's the fun part. Yes, I'm just dull enough that my idea of risk taking isn't bungee jumping, it's following gypsy jazz with Japanese pop.

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