Saturday, March 13, 2010

CD Pick of the Week: The Chieftans and Ry Cooder

Multi-grammy winners (and elder statesmen of Irish music) the Chieftans team up with world music's favorite chameleon, Ry Cooder on San Patricio. As if that weren't enough, they include guests like Lila Downs and Linda Rondstadt, plus Liam Neeson doing the narration on one track. This release combines the music of Ireland and Mexico in a tribute to the little-known San Patricio Battalion, a group of Irish immigrants who deserted from the US Army to fight for Mexico in the Mexican-American War. This outstanding CD includes mariachi music backed by bagpipes, and Irish seafaring ballads with a touch of cancion guitar.

It's releases like this that make me so happy to be a world music DJ.


Duke said...

This has nothing to do with music, so forgive my post here but I wasn't sure where else to put it.

Here is a social network that might interest you. It's called the Golden Age of Hollywood. It is a community of classic film lovers. I'm a long time member (since day one actually) but do not post much anymore. Actually I never post anymore.

You will find a hundred or more people who share your love of the oldies. They have blogs there and groups specific to certain stars and films. It's not super active but if you post, someone will usually answer or have a conversation about whatever topic you bring up. They publish a podcast too that is interesting.

The Admin, Ktrek, is a very nice man. I've swapped emails with him over the years so he will answer if you need help.

You might find something useful there. They have some neat old pictures you rarely see anywhere else.

I find it's an interesting place to dart in, look around a few minutes, and leave. You might find it ok too.

Here's the link

Decca said...

Thanks Duke, that sounds great. I'll check it out tomorrow. Thanks for passing it on. I'm always eager to learn more about classic films.

Kittie Howard said...

Your knowledge of not just music, but the culture and history behind it, blows me away. And I didn't even mention your knowledge of the classics...and languages. You're one smart Dudette with a sunny personality.