Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why I am Not a Drug Addict

Because I don't know where to buy them.

OK, there's more to it than that. But really I am so out of the drug-taking scene that if I suddenly decided that I wanted to get stoned, I would have no idea where to buy some pot. (I know, I'm a DJ at a college radio station -- wouldn't be that hard.)

What prompted this is the other night is I was watching a British mystery and part of the plot was that a group of men, otherwise law abiding, upstanding citizens, found themselves in a situation where they drugged a woman with Rohypnol so she would forget witnessing an accidental murder.

My problem? Where do middle-aged, usually honest, upright British gentlemen get their hands on the date-rape drug? Murder drugs seem less of a problem. I mean go to your local hardware store, pick up some weed killer, and you're one step away from ridding the world of Lord Bittwell.

But you hear about people who are addicted to Vicodin or Ambien. I have prescriptions for both drugs and getting them is a tightly controlled process. Now, of course, I'm not breaking the law. But where do people get their hands on these things? One of my fellow volunteers said her sister has ordered both, without a prescription, from internet sites and ended up getting useless fake pills. So what do addicts know that I don't about getting access to real drugs? And yes, this is a rhetorical question. I don't want cocaine, nor do I want illegal Vicodin. I'm just actually, honestly curious how people find this stuff without getting arrested, ripped off, or dead.

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Duke said...

If you believe the official stories, most illegal prescription drugs come (or are at least transported) from 3rd world countries like Mexico. The story goes these countries either don't have or don't enforce laws on prescription drug distribution. A corrupt official in a foreign hospital, clinic, or government agency orders the drugs legally from a drug company. When the drugs arrive they are immediately boxed for shipment here. Once across the border they are sold to biker gangs, the mob, or some other organized drug cartel for sale on the street.

Do you believe that story? Some people don't.

All I know is there are enough illegal drugs available to supply nearly an unlimited amount to every town, city, or wide spot in the road from coast to coast. That many tons of drugs isn't being walked across the border in tennis shoes. It's coming in huge containers by boat, plane and truck.

How can that happen without someone here knowing about it? A good question indeed.