Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who's on First?
I've noticed something with the couples that Husband and I are friends with and I'm wondering if it's universal.

When refer to them by name I always list first the one that I knew first. For example, I worked with Mary and then met her husband Jack. We've become friends but it's always "Mary and Jack" never "Jack and Mary.' For Tom and Joyce, it's the other way around. I knew Tom from way back then met Joyce when they started dating and will always be, in my mind, Tom and Joyce.

Is it me or do other people to the same thing? I've noticed my family will often say "Husband and Decca" are here when we show up to things -- and they definitely met me first so they go the other way around. But most of our friends will introduce us based on who they met first. Do you that that experience?

Also, do you have a set side of the bed. Husband and truly have our own sides (although sometimes we're pushed into the middle due to CIpher, the world's most amazing cat, screw you if you don't agree tm). But when we go to bed he heads for the left and I for the right. But I know of at least one couple that doesn't have set sides. Whoever goes to sleep first picks a side and sleep there. How can they do that? I feel positively disoriented when I sleep on Husband's slide. Nothing's in the right place. The clock it too far away and the pillow is too firm. I can't imagine us ever being a "pick any side"couple. I have to have my side.

Or am I jut a freak?


Molly said...

Interesting! If I was friends with one person first, I always say their name first. But if I met the couple as a couple, I always say the man's name first.

Duke said...

You all have good memories. I introduce people as "so-and-so" and "whats-his-name" most of the time.

Decca said...

You guys are too funny.

FinnyKnits said...

Hrmm...well, I'm not sure it's consistent from one couple to the next, but when we're referring to you two, it's always "Decca and Shortened First Name Nickname".

Though - now that I think on it - I think we DO do the "person who was met first is named first" game.

We're all weird!