Friday, June 17, 2005

Keep building!
We live down the street from the Winchester Mystery House. OK, not the real one, but there is a house up the block that seems to be in a perpetual state of construction.

Over a year ago they tore down everything but the garage and started from scratch. It went slowly at first...but gradually a house appeared. Then things just got out of hand. Let's just say the word "moderation" is not in the vocabulary of these people. It's as if they decided to throw into/onto/near this house every since feature they could think of.

It started with brick facing. OK, nice enough I guess. And attractive in the garden terrace out in front of the house. But then they kept going. Higher walls. Facing on the house. More facing on the house. Oh yes, and a few more on the house. It now looks wildly out of place as brick is not normally used on houses in an earthquake zone. So all of a sudden in this steet full of 19050's stucco tract homes you this brick thing with walls of brick and columns of brick and facing of brick and brick lamp posts.

Then they moved to wood. A fence. OK fine, but then the fence kept going hire. Screens. Grills. A gate suitable for public park. And, god help us, a gazebo.

About 6 months ago this house looked fine. And now every time I drive by I laugh because it just keeps getting worse and worse.

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