Thursday, June 16, 2005

What Ever Happened to Good Behavior?
In a not-at-all groundbreaking poll a majority of Americans have decided that movie stars make bad role models. To which I can only reply "duh!"

In semi-related news the so-called "runaway bride" just sold her story for a cool $1 million.

So what ever happened to good behavior? When did we start rewarding bad behavior and ignoring the good stuff?

Who decided that Tom Cruise would make a good role model anyway? Or Brad Pitt? Or, god help us, Terrell Owens?

Role models should not be people who get paid $80 million for fun and easy work. And people who intentionally lie and cause distress to hundreds of people should not be rewarded for their actions.

Role models should be people who do good in the world. People you've never heard of who work in refugee camps and AIDS hospitals in Africa. People who sit down every week and write checks to the causes that are close to their heart (provided those causes don't include the KKK). Role models are people who turn their back on the high tech dollar in order to teach high school, or who become cops because they truly like to help people.

I'm so tired of the glorification of those who deserve only to be ignored. Why does the "finger in the chili" lady deserve front-page coverage across the Nation, but the "low income lady who saves all year to provide Christmas gifts for the poor kids in the neighborhood" gets lost. Why is there an entire culture addicted to "reality TV" which does nothing but reward backstabbing and game-playing, and yet so few people willing to volunteer their time at soup kitchens and afterschool programs?

Our priorities are seriously screwed up, folks.

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