Friday, January 02, 2009

Cat of the week: Megumi
Behold Megumi. Or, as I like to call her, "The Purrminator." Seriously, she purred non-stop during my entire visit. I had to socialize her in the cage as all the rooms were busy, but we had a great time hanging out there. She is all about the love. She adores having her face scratched, butting heads, and showing a pipe cleaner who's boss. While I was with her there were several people who commented on how beautiful she is (and they're right) and how sweet (ditto). She'll make someone a wonderful companion (her ID is A439523) who will get a great lifetime friend with beautiful green eyes and a lot of personality.

And, a self-satisfying updateI helped make a match today! One of my favorite cats of the past few weeks has been Alexander. A beautiful black short hair who is incredibly affectionate. I was going to make him a cat of the week but he didn't have an online photo. Well two wonderful gentlemen came in and we started chatting about cats and I suggested they meet Alexander (who they hadn't noticed before). A few minutes later I walked by the GAR and saw them all bonded. One man had Alexander on his lap with both arms wrapped around him and their heads together. When I saw them later they gave me a thumbs up and invited me in...and they said they were taking him. Can I tell you how happy I am?!?!? Alexander is a wonderful kitty who just could not get enough attention. Whenever I had him out he'd sit in my lap and rub his face against mine, lean into my body and purr. And now he has that full-time. Plus I helped another family find what Husband and I have found in Cipher. I feel like today I actually did something good for the world. OK, I didn't end famine or war. I didn't find a cure for AIDS. But I did help make some people's life better, helped a cat find a forever home, and generally didn't do anything to fuck up anyone. So today was a good day.

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