Friday, January 02, 2009

Photo of the day: Coming Attractions
I'm going to attempt to do one photo a day on the blog so that I'll get back into the photography habit. Of course I made this resolve at 12:30 am so my photo ops were limited. This is a stocking stuffer I bought for Husband. It's a glass slide from when they used to advertise movies and products in-between feature films back in the golden age of Hollywood. I've never heard ot the movie, but I thought it was rather cool anyway.

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Fo said...

Good old TCM has the scoop on this film. Judging from the synopsis, it seems to have almost every silent-film cliche in the book...

"Finding himself penniless, Lawrence Ashmore, whose late father was ruined on the stock exchange, obtains a position as a reporter. Ashmore is assigned to investigate the reported fatal illness of Jesse Craven, one of Wall Street's financial monarchs. The family is eagerly awaiting Craven's son Larry to return from abroad, and when Ashmore appears he is mistaken for Larry. Meanwhile, Craven's chief competitor, Israel Farnum, plans to obtain his rival's stock interests, and to accomplish this kidnaps Larry when he reaches the city. The elder Craven, his daughter Edith, and brother Jesse persuade Ashmore to impersonate Larry, and he agrees, carrying on the fight against Farnum. After a series of adventures in which Ashmore is carried off to sea by Farnum's thugs, he returns in time to checkmate the conspirators. Farnum, defeated, commits suicide, the real Larry returns, and Ashmore wins Edith Craven, the daughter of the man he saved."